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AFRAA sgWelcome message from AFRAA Secretary General

The African Airlines Association (AFRAA) welcomes all its airline members, partners and industry stakeholders to the 51st Annual General Assembly (AGA) of the Association. The Assembly is being convened at the kind invitation of Air Mauritius on the beautiful island of Mauritius, a sparkling crystal in the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, the island of paradise.

This annual African air transport summit and conference gathers top leaders of the air transport industry from across the globe. Holding the AGA in Mauritius will focus the global industry’s attention on the opportunities in trade and tourism in the region and the rapidly growing African economies in general as links are being strengthened within the continent and to new as well as traditional markets.

Deliberations over the course of the AGA will focus on the main theme: “Success in an integrated and interconnected Africa”. Industry leaders will discuss growth potential through positive synergies in servicing our increasingly complex and demanding market. We expect the discussions at the AGA to be enriching to both the audiences and to the discussants thereby resulting in new ideas and new directions on how to make the Single Air Transport Market (SAATM) a win-win experience for all.

With so many representatives from the Association’s member airlines, industry partners, international and regional associations, leading manufacturers and industry suppliers as well as our media partners, there are tremendous opportunities to network and explore business opportunities or just to make new friends.
Together with our host, Air Mauritius, we have made adequate arrangements to ensure that your stay in Mauritius is enjoyable and most rewarding.

I look forward to welcoming you to Mauritius for a memorable AGA.

Mr. Abdérahmane Berthé
AFRAA Secretary General

Somas Appavou FRAeSWelcome message by Air Mauritius

Welcome to the 51st AFRAA Annual General Assembly (AGA) taking place in Mauritius from 10-12 November 2019.

Our island is a leading tourist destination and hospitality is in the DNA of our nation. Mauritius is also an island state that forms an integral part of the African continent sharing strong economic and cultural ties. Air connectivity, which has been a linchpin of economic development since Mauritius’ independence in 1968, is considered a key enabler of our country’s growth going forward. Our goal is to transform Mauritius into one of the key aviation gateways on the African continent.

Today we are striving to overcome the hurdles of scale and remoteness typical of most small island developing states. As an African airline, we are also partnering with other airlines in the region to collaborate on durable solutions for the challenges our industry is facing on the continent.

AFRAA is advancing the civil aviation industry on the continent. With a population of 1.2 billion, countries with double digits’ growth and a fast expanding middle class, African aviation has tremendous potential. Unlocking this potential entails bringing efficiency to the supply chain by creating robust eco-systems with favourable regulatory frameworks, conducive taxes and charges policies, better access to infrastructure, and also through enhanced synergies. AFRAA is playing an instrumental role in providing the much needed platforms for this transformation and the General Assembly meeting in November will advance our common goals.

We are looking forward to greeting you in Mauritius and setting a joint agenda for African aviation prosperity.

I would like to thank AFRAA for giving us the opportunity to host this event.

Somas Appavou FRAeS
Air Mauritius, CEO